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GPS Mobile

The popularity of mobile phones has led to many other discoveries. Aside from text messaging and videoconferencing, GPS mobile phones are also introduced in the market as an advance tracking feature. GPS stands for Global Positioning System, a technology that helps people track locations. Having this kind of technology is tantamount to having a virtual map through GPS mobile phones. Instead of using GPS as separate device or built-in car accessory, GPS mobile phones help increase mobility and efficiency.


The GPS satellite was first developed as part of a military project until it became a more popular technology with the emergence of GPS receivers. These receivers come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Others are used as a "hand-held" device, while some GPS receivers fuction as a built-in feature, especially in cars. GPS mobile phones receive signals from dozens of satellites around the globe.

But why use a separate GPS receiver if GPS mobile phones can offer you almost the same benefits including portability? GPS mobile phones function as a tracking system that you can use whenever you're lost or need direction in and around the city. GPS mobile phones are best used during emergencies or when you need road assistance. The only downside is that some GPS receivers may offer more advanced features such as voice alerts or better control system. GPS mobile phones, on the other hand, are used based on the control and activation system of the mobile technology provider.

Tracking other mobile phone users may also be limited when using GPS mobile phones. In most cases, mobil phone users need to have the same network provider and GPS-compatible phones.


PDAs and high-end mobile phones were the first to feature the GPS mobile technology. Aside from advanced messaging functions, these mobile handsets also featured acces to the Internet. These advancements led to the development other cool add-ons such as 3G videos. With these, it may be safe to say that mobile phones are not only used for wireless communication but also have an entertainment value attached to them. With GPS mobile phones, more people get convenient acces to information and quick responses.

Primary benefits of GPS mobile phones include:

  • Functionality. Despite changing weather conditions, GPS mobile phones can still offer navigation features.
  • Emergency Assistance. In case you're lost, all you need is a GPS mobile phone to help you get on the right track.
  • Instant Guide. GPS mobile phones may offer list of destinations or cool establishments.
  • Portability. Most GPS mobile phones are no bigger than your palm size. Instead of carrying a bulk, you can easily slip them through your pocket.